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"Brighter Times Ahead" is Marco Zenini's debut as a composer and bandleader. The ten tracks that compose the album create a journey colored with many overtones: growth and search for identity, life in a new country and the experience of returning to one's origins; a dreamlike and meditative journey. "Brighter Times Ahead" is a reflection on the present times and on chasing time, escaping the present moment. It is an impression of the quest to stop and observe in silence, to contemplate these screaming days and the echo they leave within us. The result is a positive and ironic intuition: in the space of a breath comes a profound awareness that man can improve his reality. The compositional idea behind the album is born out of the urgency to narrate emotions, to write music with an enhanced concept of community while adopting the intrinsic freedom of extemporaneous creation. The aftermath is music that is fluid and seamlessly integrates free improvisation with structured melodic formulas. The voice is entrusted with a special role, as primal medium of emotional expression and storytelling. Michael Moore is featured as a guest with his clarinet on five tracks; as a prime mover of the Dutch free and avant-garde scene, his influence permeates the whole album.

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Marco Zenini was born in Rome and has been playing electric and double bass in a wide variety of musical environments for almost 15 years. After obtaining a degree in classical music in Italy, he moved to Amsterdam in 2010 to study at the Conservatorium Van Amsterdam, where he completed a Master’s degree in Jazz Double Bass in 2015. In 2014 he began collaborating as Head of the Bass Department with the True School of Music in Mumbai.

Over the years, Marco’s intense involvement with live performance has led him to travel and play extensively both in major venues and festivals in the Netherlands as well as throughout Europe, Turkey, South Africa and India. He appears in more than 25 recordings.
In 2018 he published “Brighter Times Ahead”, his debut album as a band leader, and “Lost in the Archive Valley”, the first album of the co-led band Archive Valley.

Currently, Marco is based in Rome, teaches at the “Conservatorio F. Torrefranca” and is involved in several creative projects.


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  • Christian Pabst Trio Berlin